I just finished the Netflix show DareDevil, and I liked it a lot. If you are familiar with the show you would know that Matt’s father was a boxer, that’s the main reason why I decided to draw this. I think I want to start drawing more people, maybe some more DareDevil characters. If you look at the drawings face you would see that his pretty beaten up. I think it was really fun to draw this because I havent really drawn realistic people that much, just manga and anime.

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  1. If you’re into Netflix’s Marvel stuff, Jessica Jones is highly recommended. Luv this show cuz of all d issues it explores. Gr8 story, gr8 cast💙😋 I haven’t seen Daredevil d show, but I’ve caught d movie an’ loved it, especially Ben’s performance (million times better than his Batman), even if others hate it for sm reason😅

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  2. This is a really good illustration. Nice job with the anatomy! I don’t watch many TV shows, but lately I’ve been watching Father Brown. I love the main character’s humility and care for all people. However, for a priest, he sometimes says some really weird things about theology and I wonder what GK Chesterton would have to say about that 🙂

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