I just finished the Netflix show DareDevil, and I liked it a lot. If you are familiar with the show you would know that Matt’s father was a boxer, that’s the main reason why I decided to draw this. I think I want to start drawing more people, maybe some more DareDevil characters. If you look at the drawings face you would see that his pretty beaten up. I think it was really fun to draw this because I havent really drawn realistic people that much, just manga and anime.

18 thoughts on “Boxer

  1. If you’re into Netflix’s Marvel stuff, Jessica Jones is highly recommended. Luv this show cuz of all d issues it explores. Gr8 story, gr8 cast💙😋 I haven’t seen Daredevil d show, but I’ve caught d movie an’ loved it, especially Ben’s performance (million times better than his Batman), even if others hate it for sm reason😅

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  2. This is a really good illustration. Nice job with the anatomy! I don’t watch many TV shows, but lately I’ve been watching Father Brown. I love the main character’s humility and care for all people. However, for a priest, he sometimes says some really weird things about theology and I wonder what GK Chesterton would have to say about that 🙂

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