1. I chanced upon your recent fall painting which impressed me so i visited your site and viewed all the others. I must say you are a good artist and if i am not mistaken, you like doing portraits more. They have come out very well. Since how many years have you been painting?

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      1. Well done! I always feel portraits are difficult than scenery, because the flaws are immediately evident and so you need to really pay attention to every detail of the face and body. Flaws in scenery can be covered up.

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  2. Good work, you are obviously very talented. My best attempts at art involve drawing a good stick person, but although I don’t consider myself an artist I do follow really good a couple of artists whose work I admire and I always look forward to their posts. And I especially enjoy watercolours …

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  3. Hi yes sign them. I have a friend that has a symbol of a bonsai leaf and his signature. Some people just use their initials ..I sign my whole name …It ‘s another stage we go through as artists of owning our work. Of saying Yes …I made this and you are so lucky to have it!. This blog is a part of it as well.

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