Digital art

I started practising digital art recently. I’ve both tried digital drawing tablets and phone apps. Until now what I’ve found the easiest and most satisfying has been the phone apps. They seem simplified and I am more used to phones after all.

Here I painted an anime character. By doing this digitally I feel like the outcome is a lot more cleaner than traditional art. For this I used a free app called ibisPaint X.


  1. This is a lovely clean anime! Love it. Ibis paint is really good, i think. I downloaded it once but could not get the hang of the many features and tools available. Besides, i draw with fingers and not with a stylus. I think you must have used a stylus.

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    1. Thank you :3 I spent good time watching many tutorials and how to use the many features of the app. Also having past experience with other painting apps helped me a lot. I used a stylus yes, but it wouldn’t stop me if I didn’t have one 😉


      1. Indeed, but it isn’t impossible. It shouldn’t be too costy either to invest in a stylus if you are interested in getting more serious with digital painting.


  2. Wow your digital art is amazing! Yea, I agree, it looks much cleaner digitally, but I find it hard to recreate pencil or watercolor textures digitally, so I am a bit sad…
    Um I was wondering if you could look at some of my art on my blog and tell me how it looks. (I’ve been looking for advice all over… you don’t have to do it.)

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