Lately I’ve been drawing more animals. I’ve practices both traditionally and digitally. I also worked on illustrating new textures.

The first piece I made was of an octopus. I chose to draw a tentacle. This was made digitally on a phone app. I’m very happy with how I managed to blend the colors and get my idea to life the best way possible. It’s easier to get a cleaner look when it’s digitally.

The second drawing I made was of a lynx. I made this traditionally on paper. I’m more used to drawing on paper and therefore I often enjoy that more. I’ve never drawn fur before so that was a challenge. I’m planning to draw more animals in the future to practice new textures like this.


  1. WOW Kimmy! You have remarkable talent and this is so lifelike! I took a couple of art courses in High School then one in college and could never seem to get the knack of making a drawing of an animal or a person come to life on paper so I focused all of my art interest on photography because I could wrap my head around technical things east and knew what the camera is doing so how to manipulate that was easy but this art is so hard to me! Have you ever gotten any requests to draw someone’s pet or use a photograph to work from? The other great thing is you seem to truly enjoy your work in art! Such a blessings!

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  2. That tentacle is amazing and really shows what can be done on a phone! Digital can be a real challenge when you are used to the traditional – believe me I know. May I ask, what app were you using on the phone? stylus or fingers? Great work thank you for sharing.

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