Having to try out for the army!

I drew these weapons past the last days. I don’t know a lot about guns, therefore I just chose the ones I thought looked cool xd
I think they turned out alright.

The reason I went with this theme is because I recently got an announcement.
Every year my country choose 25% of people of a certain age. These are individuals that gets obligated to try out for the army. The ones who seems to “fit” the best gets picked.
I never imagined I’d get picked…
It’s required for everyone to apply in the first place. In the end, 12% has to serve.
Conscription counts for both genders. The national service is equally compulsory for both men and women.

I’m not so sure if I want to risk serving a year in the army. I enjoy exercising and the outdoors, but I’d rather proceed studying art and design, which are my true passions.This was the hardest weapon to draw. Here I had to watch a lot more out for the lenght. I tried getting everything to fit in it’s place. A tip to get proportions more accurate is to sketch up and measures out what hits where before you actually start drawing. I also like to enhance the shadows. I feel like this gives more depth and life to the piece.


  1. Wow, what a situation to be in! I wish you the best of luck in navigating it. I proudly served 8 years in my nation’s Navy, but it was completely voluntary. . .Good luck!

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  2. I hope you get on OK in the Army. I am sure you will be fine. Years ago in the UK we had 2 years of National Service, and it was considered to be character-building, and something to give young people new experiences of life, and to broaden their horizons. Some people think the practice should be revived – a couple of years’ compulsory service would certainly knock some of our less desirable youngsters into shape!!
    Your drawings of the weapons are amazing, and very detailed. You are clearly highly observant, and this quality will be valued in the military.

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