Hiking in the mountains. Quiet and peaceful, exceptions are glaciers breaking. The sound is comparable to thunder. These glaciers formed from snow that doesn’t even melt during summer. Lots of snow built up and compressed into solid ice. Thick fog entirely deprived my sight at moments. It was an exciting experience. I think my dog would agree.

Shiawasena neko 幸せな猫

Here’s another digital drawing I made. I feel more comfortable and familiar with this type of art now. It’s only a few weeks since I started practising digital painting, I enjoy it a lot and I’m looking forward to improve my skills.

Digital art

I started practising digital art recently. I’ve both tried digital drawing tablets and phone apps. Until now what I’ve found the easiest and most satisfying has been the phone apps. They seem simplified and I am more used to phones after all.

Here I painted an anime character. By doing this digitally I feel like the outcome is a lot more cleaner than traditional art. For this I used a free app called ibisPaint X.

Kanashimi 悲しみ

I recently finished this anime drawing. It was very time consuming, mostly because of the detailed hair. It has similarities with a galaxy.


Some days are just bad days, that’s all. You have to experience sadness to know happiness, not every day is going to be a good day, that’s just the way it is!

This is the sketch before coloring. I changed the color of the bow.


Namida 涙

This is a coloring-pencil illustration I made. I only used 1 color for this sketch. The original color was green. I used photo editing to change the color saturation, I then acquired the desired color. I chose the color blue because it sustained a more appropriate fitting for the theme. I took the picture while consciously choosing the lighting effect. I think it all came together well as a piece of art.


This is a rose made with watercolors. It was a very relaxing process, but it also took a while. I used many different shades of pink to make this as lively as possible. In the start I used the wet on wet technique. Afterwards the paint was thiccer and I used it to make details with small brushes. I mixed some yellow into the green to make different shades here too.