The Toucan

I was recently challenged to draw a toucan. I never knew that was the name of this bird. It looks so exotic and has the most beautiful vibrant colors. I wanted to recreate this as best as possible. For this project I had planned to use watercolors. Not long ago I got this new setContinue reading “The Toucan”

Having to try out for the army!

I drew these weapons past the last days. I don’t know a lot about guns, therefore I just chose the ones I thought looked cool xdI think they turned out alright. The reason I went with this theme is because I recently got an announcement.Every year my country choose 25% of people of a certainContinue reading “Having to try out for the army!”


Lately I’ve been drawing more animals. I’ve practices both traditionally and digitally. I also worked on illustrating new textures. The first piece I made was of an octopus. I chose to draw a tentacle. This was made digitally on a phone app. I’m very happy with how I managed to blend the colors and getContinue reading “Animalsどうぶつ”

Feelin’ Blue

I started this one a long time ago. Too often I don’t finish, but I decided to do a post anyway. Especially because it’s summer and this was associated with water. My watercolor book is from “Grieg Design” It was around 5$, but the quality and number of papers have a higher value in myContinue reading “Feelin’ Blue”